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Medical imaging and pain relief providers that provide care to personal injury patients on a medical lien or a lop can acquire huge portfolios of accounts receivables. These are non-liquid assets that may take months or years to collect. These receivables cost you and your practice the longer they are receivables and not cash. Selling your personal injury receivables offers many advantages to a growing business. We purchase these receivables so you don’t have to wait to get paid. This means money in your pocket immediately. Advantages to selling these receivables are:


• Immediate large cash infusion which allows you to use this money today for your benefit instead of leaving “phantom” money tied up in the letter of protection cases. The money you hope you have in the letter of protection cases is not earning interest and is losing value against inflation every year.  Whereas by selling your portfolio and receiving your money today you have multiple positive options to utilize your money.


• Substantially reduce employee time spent billing, following up and tracking liens and trying to collect.  (Allows your staff more time to provide better service to your existing and new patient base).


• No risk of lost case and not getting paid.


• No lawyer negotiating the lien down in 2 or 3 year when case settles.


• Gain the ability to present stronger trial testimony by being able to testify that you have NO financial interest in the outcome of the trial. We will do a review and analysis of the portfolio and present you with a purchase offer.  When a sale is completed you will receive a large cash infusion and be relieved of all risk, stress and work associated with managing and collecting fees due on the outstanding lien cases.  You will not have to wait another day to get paid.


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